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Kitty Bean Free Amigurumi Pattern ✿

Updated: May 30, 2021

Hi guys /ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ\

I'm so excited to finally kick-off my first blog post, with a free pattern of my own! Thank you all so much for your interest in my pattern and feel free to leave questions or feedback below!

To celebrate that my plant babies are still alive and thriving, after adopting them half a year ago..I made a small kitty bean to keep them company. And although I'm a very lovingly plant mom, if I say so myself, I don't have natural green fingers and caring for plants is more of a challenge than I'd like to admit at times.

In less happier times, a fair share of my plants didn't survive and I'm not proud of it. But life is all about celebrating the small victories, in my opinion! So let's give our plants some extra love and tending, they deserve it!

The pattern is beginner friendly and is quickly whipped up in a couple hours, maybe even less if you are a quick crocheter :) You can easily customize the kitty bean in your favourite animal and provide all your green friends of a sweet companion.

The kitty bean has long arms and legs with long tail ends, so it can be easily tied to a plant or any other object that provides enough support for the kitty to hang on.


2.5 mm crochet hook

Cotton yarn 2.5/3mm

stitch marker or scrap yarn


approximately 5cm tall & 5 cm width


Not important, you can use thicker, thinner yarn and a different size hook to create a smaller or larger plant friend, it's all up to you!


Ch= Chain

SC= Single crochet

INC= Increase

DEC= Decrease

Head & body

1: 6SC in MR (6)

2: [INC, SC] 3x (9)

3: INC 9x (18)

4: [INC, 2SC] 6x (24)

5 - 9: SC 24 (24) - 5 rounds

10: [DEC, 4SC] 4x (20)

11: [INC, 4SC] 4x (24)

12 - 17: SC 24 (24) - 6 rounds

Start making face details: Cut a piece of vilt for the muzzle and embroider with lace yarn or thin embroidery thread a nose and mouth on the muzzle - you can use my muzzle as reference, but feel free to shape it to your own liking!

You can sew on your muzzle, but I was a lazy potato and used a glue gun.

After attaching the muzzle, I embroidered the eyes, but you can also choose to use safety eyes. Just have fun with it! And to complete it's face, I embroidered some whiskers on both sides.

You can also start stuffing the head & body of the kitty

Now pick up, where you left

18: [DEC, 2sc] 6x (18)

19: DEC 9x (9)

20: [SC, DEC] 3x (6)

Stuff your kitty, fasten off and cut of yarn! Leave a small tail for closing the hole.

Ears 2x

CH3, SC4 in the first chain you made

Fasten off and cut of yarn, leave a long enough tail to sew on head.

Arms 4x

When making a slip knot, leave a long enough tail, so you can tie the arms together around your plant!


1: SC3, start in 2nd chain of your hook, then put 3sc on the other side of your chains. (6)

2 - 5: Repeat R1 for 4 rows.

Fasten off & leave a long tail for sewing the arms on the body.


Since the pattern is pretty straightforward, I haven't written down exact placement of limbs to the body. You can sew the arms and legs on the side of the body on your preferred spot, but keep in mind that you want both arms and legs to be somewhat symmetrical to each other, so it's easier to tie the arms and legs!

To jazz up your plant friend, you can tie a bow around it's neck, but you are really free to add any details, to make it your own unique creation.

And that's it! :) Please tag me on Instagram @sleepyfoxtreasures to show me your plant friend(s) you have made! **♡( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )

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