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Chubby Chick Free Amigurumi Pattern ✿

Updated: May 30

Hi guys! (・θ・) ♥

I'm back with a new quick and fun pattern for you! Since spring has finally arrived and nature is blooming, my mind instantly got filled with baby chicks, kittens and other sweet little creatures. And after a long Easter weekend, I just knew I had to create my own chubby chicken.

Just like my Kitty bean amigurumi this pattern is beginner friendly and quickly whipped up. Best part in my opinion is that there's minimal sewing needed and you can always choose to add or leave details out. So let's head over to the materials you need and make your own chubby chick!

There's now a PDF pattern available of my chubby chick amigurumi design! If you prefer to work with a PDF file or need it printed, you can purchase (for a small fee) via Etsy my pattern. Your support would mean the world to me!


2.5 mm crochet hook - used for the head & body

2 mm crochet hook - used for the cheeks, you can also choose to use blush instead!

Cotton yarn 2.5/3 mm in the colours: yellow, orange, pink and green.

Cotton yarn 1.0/1.5 mm in the colours black and white or substitute with embroidery thread.

Scrap yarn or stitch marker


Approximately 7 cm tall & 5 cm width


Not important, you can use thicker, thinner yarn and a different size hook to create a smaller or larger chubby chick, it's all up to you!


CH= Chain

SC= Single crochet

INC= Increase

DEC= Decrease

SL ST= Slip stitch

in BLO: back loop only - meaning you only crochet through the back loop.

Special stitch in this pattern

Popcorn stitch

To make the arms of the chick, we are using the popcorn stitch.

1: yarn over the hook

2: turn hook in the stitch, yarn over again & pull stitch through the loop - you now have 3 loops on your hook

3: yarn over the hook & pull the yarn only through 2 loops on the hook & yarn over again and pull yarn through the last 2 loops on your hook. You basically made a Double crochet.

You are now going to do 5 more Double crochets in the same stitch - in total there will be 6 double crochets in the stitch.

4: after you placed 6 double crochets into the same stitch, remove your hook from the loop and insert your hook (from front to back) through the top of the first Double Crochet you made, now insert your hook into the dropped loop and pull that loop through your stitch.

Lastly CH1, to close off the popcorn stitch.

I hope this small guide on how to make the popcorn stitch makes sense to you. If you need further guidance, you can search on YouTube 'Popcorn stitch tutorial'.

Head & body

2.5 mm crochet hook

1: 6SC in mr (6)

2: INC 6x (12)

3: [SC, INC] (18)

4: [2SC, INC] 6x (24)

5: [3SC, INC] 6x (30)

6 - 7: SC 30 (30) - 2 rounds

8: [4SC, INC] 6x (36)

9 - 11: SC 36 (36) - 3 rounds

12: [4SC, DEC] 6x (30)

13: [4SC, INC] 6x (36)

14: 11SC, Popcorn stitch, SC12, Popcorn stitch, SC 11 (36)

15 - 17: SC 36 (36) - 3 rounds

Don't fasten off yet

Start making face details:

Make Beak

2.5 mm crochet hook

CH 3 and start in second chain of the hook and SC2 down.

Fasten off, leave a long enough tail for sewing.

I like to sew the beak on before finishing the body! But you can choose to do it at the end. I sewed the beak around R9.

After sewing the beak on, you can embroider the eyes.

I used black lace yarn: 1.5 mm yarn and a 1.5 mm crochet hook and embroidered the eyes around R8 & R9.

To add some sparkles, I embroidered with white lace yarn and same size hook small white stripes in the eyes.

Make cheeks 2x

2 mm crochet hook

1: 4SC in mr (4)

fasten off and leave a long enough tail for sewing on head.

I sewed the cheeks around R10 + R11

Now pick up, where you left with the body

18: SC 36 (36)

19: [SC4, DEC] 6x (30)

20: in BLO: SC 30 (30)

Start stuffing

21: [SC3, DEC] 6x (24)

22: [SC 2, DEC] 6x (18)

23: [SC, DEC] 6x (12)

24: DEC 6x (6)

Don't overstuff, so the chick can stand!

Fasten off and close off hole.

Green leafs 2x

2.5 mm crochet hook

CH 5, start in second chain of the hook and SC 4

Work on the other side of the chain and also SC 4

SL ST in the first ST and fasten off. Leave a long enough tail to sew the leafs on the small gap on the head of the chubby chicken.


If you followed my pattern closely, your chubby chick should be ready to brighten your day. For some of you, who prefer to make and or sew the details at the end, here is a small re-cap:

1: I sewed the beak around R9

2: I embroidered the eyes starting from R8 to R9

3: I sewed the cheeks at R10 & R11

And that's it! :) I hope you enjoyed making this small chubby chick! (・θ・) I would love to see your Chubby chick(s) you've made, so please tag me on Instagram @Sleepyfoxtreasures

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