About me


Hi! :) Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Pei, a digital content creator and aspiring crochet designer. Since I was young I've always had an endless curiosity for art. And through my youth and college years I was always exploring different artistry, to express my creativity. But it wasn't until I dabbled into knitting and crochet, that my curiosity turned into a passion. And now, just over 2 years later, with a whole lot more experience, friends & connections I met through the fibre community and a small business,  I'm just as passionate and excited to continue my craft journey and explore many more crafts! 


Nature, critters and daily life inspire me and I'm very fond of anything that's cute and cozy! I would describe my work as: whimsical, dreamy, light, decorative and functional, but overall I hope that my creations and designs will bring much joy and light! 

Besides being crafty, I have an adventurous soul and have a passion for delicious food! It's my dream to see more of the world, especially Japan, southeast Asia, Hawaii and Scandinavia!

On my blog I'll occasionally share free Amigurumi patterns, tips & tricks,  my newest Amigurumi collections and a lot of cat inspired creations! If you are still reading, Thank you for following me on my creative journey and I hope we can inspire each other along the way! Feel free to message me! I love to chat about anything craftsy or life in general! :)